Death is Divine

Talks given from 1/10/1978 to 10/10/1978
Original in Hindi
Book Chapters: 10
Year published: 1994
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[Note: This is a translation of the Hindi series MARAN HEY JOGI MARAM by GORAKH, which is in the process of being edited. It is for research only.]


Chapter No. 1 - Die O yogi die
Chapter No. 3 - Live spontaneously
Chapter No. 4 - See the unseeable
Chapter No. 5 - Living in the heart
Chapter No. 7 - Wander alone
Chapter No. 9 - Thought of memory-intelligence

Questions and Answers:

Chapter No. 2 - The call of the unknown
Chapter No. 6 - Sadhana: the fruit of understanding
Chapter No. 8 - Come, spread this moonlight, wrap yourself in it
Chapter No. 10 - Music, the easiest method of meditation