The Great Path

Talks on the Shiva Sutra
Talks given from 11/9/1974 to 20/9/1974
Original in Hindi
Book Chapters: 10
Year published: 1994
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[Note: This is a translation from the Hindi series Shiva Sutra, which is in the process of being edited. It is for research only.]

Chapter No. 1 - The Darkness Inside
Chapter No. 2 - The Stars Mirrored
Chapter No. 3 - Maxims of Yoga: A sense of wonder
Chapter No. 4 - To Be Dead Do Nothing
Chapter No. 5 - The Knowledge That Is Self Knowledge
Chapter No. 6 - The Mad Projectionist
Chapter No. 7 - Meditation is the Seed
Chapter No. 8 - The Fourth State
Chapter No. 9 - Right Search, Wrong Direction
Chapter No. 10 - The Eternal Spring